Most Common FAQs from Sellers:

I want to list my facility with you, is it guaranteed that you will list it?

As much as we'd like to accept every single facility that is presented to us, we focus on the ones that we are confident we can successfully secure a buyer for and close the transaction.

What is your success rate? 

We take pride in our exceptional success rate of 90% of selling our listings.  As a reference point, the sales rate of businesses on the market is a meager 10.5% (Source: International Business Broker's Association).  We contribute our noteworthy success rate to the fact that we are specialists in the pet care industry, know how to position a listing properly, our proprietary, proven strategy in the sales process and to our relationships with both corporate and private buyers of pet care facilities.  

What states are you licensed in?

Click here for a list of states in which we can accept a listing in. 

You're located in Colorado, how can you sell my pet care facility from a different state?

Most dog boarding kennels, pet resorts or dog daycares are NOT sold to a buyer in your immediate area or even the state.  Our record shows that most pet care facilities are sold to an out of state buyer.  This is especially true to listings that have real estate (and a residence) included in the sale.  A pet care facility will not sell by simply listing it on the regional MLS.  Due to our specialty and expertise, serious buyers seeks us out for quality opportunities.

I've heard that it's very hard to secure financing - Is this true?

Unfortunately the inability to secure financing is one of the top reasons a pet care facility doesn't sell. It is imperative the Seller understands how these 'special use' properties are financed and that the business is positioned accordingly on the market.   During the valuation process we analyze the transaction from all angles to determine how a sale can be financed and educate the Seller of their choices. Marriage between a solid business and a solid buyer will find financing.  We have strong relationships with SBA lenders and excel in obtaining financing; as a matter of fact, about 90% of our listings are financed with a bank loan allowing our Sellers to get cash at closing.  Please visit our Financing page for more information.

How can I sell my facility without anybody knowing?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We believe that it's in the seller's best interest to keep a pending sale confidential until closing; this prevents staff from leaving and clients from getting concerned.  Through blind advertising, buyer pre-screening and requiring every prospect to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, we are able to sell your business while maintaining complete confidentiality.

How long does it take to sell my business?

A realistic timeframe for selling a boarding kennel, pet resort or dog daycare from date of listing to closing is about 9-12 months. Some kennels sell faster, some take the whole year. Boarding kennels with defendable pricing structure and financing in place will sell in any economic environment.

You're a specialist, do you charge higher commission fees?

Nope!  We charge the same fees as other business and commercial real estate brokers and you receive superior service, knowledge and expertise of the industry. 

Should I use a broker, or sell the business myself?

Few sellers understand the process of, nor have the expertise, to successfully sell a boarding kennel or dog daycare. A seller might know their business well, but they do not how to sell one. Due to the complexity of the process, it takes specialized training and knowledge in a multitude of areas: business appraising, marketing, advertising, real estate, negotiations, drafting Purchase & Sale Agreements, Due Diligence, dealing with CPAs and attorneys and not to mention facilitating the emotional rollercoaster experienced by Sellers and Buyers. Most FSBO kennels never sell.  This sale might be one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make, a specialty broker is the best professional to ensure that the facility sells at its highest value in a timely manner.


Comparison of listing with National Kennel Sales & Appraisals vs. FSBO vs. Realtor  NKS&A   FSBO   REALTOR
 Local Marketing YES YES YES
 Nationwide Marketing YES YES NO
 Licensed Real Estate Broker YES NO YES
 Virtual Tour YES NO YES
 Expertise in the pet industry YES YES NO
 In-depth understanding of the business YES YES NO
 Confidential, 'blind' advertising YES NO NO
 Professional Presentation Packages YES NO NO
 Experts in financing animal facilities YES NO NO
 Trained in business appraisals YES NO NO
 Specialists in SBA lending YES NO NO
 Pre-screening of buyers YES NO NO
 Pet industry target marketing YES NO NO
 Global marketing YES NO NO
 Drafting of Purchase and Sale Agreements YES NO NO
 Working with brokers nationwide YES NO NO
 Excellent negotiation skills YES NO NO
 Understanding of buyer motives / behaviors YES NO NO

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