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Are you interested in knowing what your business is worth?  We provide 3 different packages (Gold, Platinum and Titanium) for business valuations depending on the depth of information you need; from precise business value conclusion to a comprehensive, multi page report with industry comparisons, suggestions for value building and monitoring progress.  

Most common reasons for getting a business valuation are:

  •  Determining value for Selling purposes
  •  You've been approached about selling by a corporate buyer, manager, client, competitor, etc.
  •  Planning for Value Building; get baseline and set value goals
  •  Partner buy out
  •  Financial health check
  •  Divorce
  •  ESOP

** Please note that we only provide valuations for SELLING purposes. Partner buy-outs, divorce, ESOP, etc. require a different method of appraisal that we do not provide.**


You have 3 valuation packages to choose from: 


Realize your value with the Gold Package, which provides a comprehensive report (delivered electronically) including a precise business value conclusion, calculations, comparable sales data and explanation of how value is created - all in an easy to follow report. Well suited for establishing price for selling purposes.



Maximize your potential with the Platinum Package, which is reserved for serious entrepreneurs who are well positioned to get the most for their business.  Referred to as our "ValueBuilder" package, this service not only provides an exact business valuation and industry performance comparison, it includes specific recommendations on how to increase the value of your business and an in-depth, 30-minute phone consultation with the valuation analyst to discuss findings.



Monitor your value growth with the Titanium Package,  which is designed for the committed business owner who is strategic about growing company value.  Includes all aspects of the Platinum Package PLUS two valuation updates, one after 6 months and one after 12 months, to assess the success of the plan established with the initial valuation.



To get started on your valuation, please gather the following documents:

  • Business Tax Returns for the past 3 years
  • Income Statement (P&L) for the past 3 years with corresponding balance sheet
  • Year-To-Date Income Statement with a comparison to same period last year with corresponding balance sheet
  • W2 information for you, partner or any family member who receives income from the business for the past 3 years and latest pay stub
  • Income Break Down report between all services provided (boarding, daycare, grooming, etc.) if not identified on P&L statements
  • Completion of a questionnaire provided by National Kennel Sales & Appraisal
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