We can make your dream a reality!

You dream about it: Owning your own pet care facility, providing nurturing care and excellent customer service. You understand that it is less risky to buy an existing facility with a strong track record than starting a new one. You have lots of questions and we will answer them. 

If you are interested in in one of our listings, we will assist you through the entire process

  • Providing a comprehensive presentation packet on the business with details and pictures
  • Providing financial information on the business in an easy to understand format
  • Assistance in analyzing the financial information
  • Assistance in analyzing whether the particular business fits your financial needs
  • Assistance in obtaining financing from a lender who is familiar with pet care facilities
  • Assistance in completing loan applications, including SBA
  • Preparation of Purchase and Sale Agreements for attorney review
  • Assistance with the Due Diligence phase
  • Assistance in resolving any issues that might come up during the transaction
  • Assistance in structuring a smooth transition 
  • Provide industry expert advice for any questions and concerns that you might have

 Click here for BUYER FAQs. 


Found your dream facility and it's not listed by us?  No worries, you can still get our expertise along with professional representation!  Contact Broker Teija Heikkila directly at teija@nationalkennelsales.com about Buyer Representation.



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